Friday, October 16, 2009


A couple weeks ago Brent and I went to the Zombie walk downtown at First Fridays.
The best part of this walk are the reactions of unsuspecting people,
some think it's hilarious and a lot are very offended
how dare people dress up as zombies during Halloween season!!!
Believe me I have seen way more frightening people at previous First Fridays.
Lets just say some people should not wear mini skirts and no panties.
Okay no one should wear no panties and a mini skirt
if you are going to go commando be discreet gentleman.
After the walk we regrouped for fresh human flesh...
okay we met up with some friends at Red Robin and had burgers
and we saw Zombieland (it was hilarious)
then we went home and roamed the streets on our never ending quest for brains
and also Brent got a hold of the camera and had his own photo shoot

It was a perfect undead evening.

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