Sunday, October 26, 2008

Birthdayween Party

Last night was the 3rd annual Birthdayween party at Karina's house and the 1st without Nick. I was actually pretty okay throughout the day and other than a slight freak out upon arrival(which was easily solved with a couple shots) I enjoyed the night. There was something different about the night though...maybe Nicks presence was more missed than anyone let on or maybe parties just happen that way sometimes. I chose Richard Simmons as my costume this year. I had a fabulous time and looked fabulous in my fro and scrunch socks.

This is my luchador...isn't he a beast?

The Lineup: Stephanie:Wednesday Adams

Karina:Morticia Adams

Angela:A Fraggle

Chelsey:Gypsy lady
Brent: El Luchador
Al: A Bunny with a tutu on(it's there I promise)

and last but not least....



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