Monday, March 2, 2009

How Many Dachshunds Can You Fit On A Recliner?

Nifkin, Lady, Sausage, Oscar and Noodle

These are just a few of the many dachshunds that are a part of my family.
Years ago when I was in high school my Mom decided to finally give my little sister Molly her life long dream of owning a wiener dog. Along came Sausage who we then decided to breed. Out of that first litter there were 5 pups...4 of them stayed in our family.
I took Oscar
My Aunt B took Rufus
My older sister and her family took Bruno
My mom's best friend Mel's parents took one
and of course my mom kept one as well...Lady who also went on to have a couple litters.
I thought that my heart was content with one naughty
dachshund but two days after my brother Nick passed away Lady had a litter of very special pups and I knew in my heart that one was meant to be mine(much to Brent's dismay). I picked her because of the special white marking on her chest(which Oscar also has) and named her Sha-Noodle. This name also has a story.
When Nick was about 12 he decided that when he grew up he was going to marry a black woman because he thought they were so beautiful and name their children some very unique names such as: Nocternal, Chandelier, Noxema, Shanoodle, and Shanifkin. Well if you knew Nick you know that women were not his cup o tea so obviously these names were going to waste. So my mother and I named our special puppies Sha-Noodle and Sha-Nifkin in honor of our Nick.
So basically if you wanna be a part of our family you have a own a weiner dog...good luck :)

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