Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Found Loves

I have a new found love
for flowers
I can't resist them
I have filled my patio with them
I want to start an entire garden
all I need is a jack hammer
and the strength to lift out some concrete

Also we have a fiery new passion
for Rock Band
our newly started band Taco Salad is currently on tour
Brent is the guitar player with mystique
and I am the sexy lead singer
but don't think that's all I bring to the table
I have some mad guitar skills
and well I play the drums like they need to be played...with style

We had some friends over last week
we played into the wee morning hours
by the end it was just Brent and his brother Nick
things got a little crazy
lets just say Brent took his guitar solo a little too seriously
and Nick attempted the drum/singing act
it was clearly time for bed

Get off the stage guys it's over
I told them sternly with my fists out just in case there was a brawl
It was intense
the life of a rock star is hard but worth it

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