Saturday, May 16, 2009


I work at a chiropractors office as a receptionist. This means I have to maintain a professional cool at all times. Did I mention this office is in Mesa? This means I have to watch every word that comes out of my mouth( I tend to offend Mormons very easily) and pretty much keep my opinion to myself when political and religious subjects arise. Yesterday I was reading an article in People magazine about Nate Berkus and the loss of his partner in the tsunami of 2004. I made a comment about this article to my friend and coworker Stephanie. A patient at the desk looked straight at me and said " the whole gay couple thing grosses me out." I said nothing I kept my cool and she left. I take these comments so fiercely personal. My brother who passed away last year had just come out of the closet to me a few years prior to his death. My brother was an amazing person who wasn't afraid to hide who he was. Everyone in my family was so supportive and loving when he made the decision to tell everyone who he was. He had a wonderful partner who we loved and accepted as a part of our family. So when someone says something like "gay couples gross me out" I take it as an insult. My brother wasn't gross. He was blessed enough to find love and be loved at such a young age. This started me thinking about how much I say I want things to change in this country. How much I want equal rights for EVERYONE. I feel guilty all the time that I was able to get married. I LOVE my husband and love being married to him I am truly blessed but it's doesn't seem fair when there are so many other happy loving couples out there who don't get that right. I need to stop saying I want change and get my ass up and fight for change. Everyone in this country deserves equal rights and I'm done talking about it. I am joining the cause. I will teach my children love and tolerance on EVERYONE no matter the differences. Hold me to this guys. I am serious. I'm done sitting and crying I'm getting up. This is for Nick and everyone else who want and need these rights.

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