Monday, October 12, 2009

11 weeks

This was 2 weeks ago at 9 weeks no bump yet just my normal belly fat

I am almost out of the 1st trimester and hopefully clear of morning sickness.
It's already getting better...or I'm getting used to it I'm not sure
Brent and I met with the midwife a few days ago and we heard the heartbeat for the 1st time
it was amazing just amazing
it's real there is a little mini us growing in my belly and that is so exciting!!
We have picked out room colors and a crib already
slowly but surely this is becoming more and more real everyday
2nd trimester here I come!!!

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mommaruth said...

The 2nd trimester is the BEST trimester in my opinion!! Enjoy every second of it - it all goes by way too fast (just wait until the baby gets here)!